Saturday, August 5, 2017

Chasing a Rainbow

In the parenting community we have our own little jargon and most of it has to do with weird acronyms like LO for Little One or DS and DD for Dear Son and Dear Daughter etc. One term that applies to me is Rainbow. The Rainbow baby is your child born after a miscarriage, your beautiful gift after a terrible storm. I am blessed to have two Rainbows already, neither conceived with my current husband. Valdr and I are actively trying to conceive our first together. Our little family already kinda has a sad backstory as I gave up my two older children in their best interests and they are being raised by family, and Valdr never got the chance to be present for his two older babies, so it's just him and I right now, and we want a family.

My Current Calendar:
June Period: June 21st through 25th
Big Fat Positive: July 21st, 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, all getting stronger results
Miscarriage, doctor confirmed: July 26th
Bled until August 2nd
Next fertile time should be around the 13th if I ovulate normally, but we are going to test and track to make sure we know when it happens.

Here's hoping for our Rainbow Baby
Love, Mandey and Valdr